Four new products available !
Silverback Airsoft is launching:
- Micro red dot adapter for handgun.
- Silencer Adapter for KSC MP7.
- Bulb valve and stopper for TM Glock 17.
- Replacement air flow set for TM Glock 17.
Added on 2010-04-19
The news website is here
Feel free to enjoy our new website just released ! It is now up to date with all our last products, compatible with all browsers. We are also happy to let you now send us e-mail directly on the website using a form.
Have a good surf !
Added on 2010-03-06
New products available: 1911 laser grip with patterns
Silverback Airsoft is launching 4 new colors for its 1911 laser grip:
- Multicam Pattern (Genuine)
- ACU / UCP Pattern
- Marpat Desert Pattern (Digital)
- Wood Pattern (Rosewood color)

Durable color film have been applied by Water Transfer process.
Added on 2010-02-18
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