TAC 41, Hop Up Unit

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TAC-41 original hopup unit. Parts included:

– T41-0201 hopup body (aviation grade CNC construction)

– T41-0202 hopup wheel

– T41-0203 concave nub

– T41-0224 feeder

– T41-0225 feeder spring guide

– T41-1008 spring
– HOP-116001 60° flat hopup rubber, AEG type

– M5X6 ISO7380-2 screw

– M3X6 ISO7462 screw (x2)
– M4X8 DIN7991 screw

– oring 8×2 (x2)

– 4 mm ball plunger


This TDC (Top Dead Center) hopup has 0.75 mm nub travel amplitude, divided in 50 positions (15 µm per clic). It includes a feeding system to avoid double feed, a 60° flat hopup rubber, and it is compatible with AEG hopup rubbers and AEG inner barrels