SRS A2/M2, M2 top rail, long, canted

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SRS A2/M2, M2 top rail, long, canted.

This rail covers the full length of the receiver and long handguard (HDG-05)

It’s a canted design (30 MOA), canted down in the front toward the barrel, allowing more usable elevation adjustment in the scope.

No matter how good is your setup, at a point, if you have to engage target at very long range, you will have to compensate the elevation drop with your scope. And if you have ever maxed out the elevation on your scope and had to hold off into space for an extreme-range target, you know how frustrating that can be. For this reason, you may choose a canted rail. 30 MOA (0.5°) of angle is giving you 87 additional centimeter of elevation at 100 m, and we suggest this rail for players engaging mostly targets at maximum range.

Compatible with SRS A2/M2 models only, not compatible with SRS A1 and SRS A2.

Delivered with :

-#10-24×3/8″ screw (x8)

-MLOK nuts (x3)

Aluminium 6000 series, black anodizing.