Carbon dummy suppressor, Short, 24mm

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Carbon dummy suppressor

CNC aluminum (6000 series) base and head (with Oring compression attachment), Carbon fiber body (1.5mm).

-24mm CW thread

-Outer Diameter : 40mm

-Inner Diameter : 37mm

-Length : 115mm

-Weight : 120 Grams

-4 open cells acoustic foam insert rings (2 small, 2 large)*

This suppressor muzzle attachment system by compression Oring allows installation of barrel spacer to use this item as a barrel extension (SBA-BBS-09 and SBA-BBS-12).

How to install barrel spacers?

Carbon fiber tubes are prone to get scratched easily, or even broken by impacts. This product requires extra care from the user, specifically for the longer versions. Due to the manufacturing process, all tubes present an overlap pattern, and may not be exempt of small visual defects.

*Depending on the location of your retailer, this item may come without foam inserts due to local laws and regulations, please get in touch with the retailer prior purchase for confirmation.

** if used in conjunction with SRS muzzle brake, proper timing is compulsory.