TAC-41 spring guide stopper tool

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TAC-41 spring guide stopper tool


This tool has been designed for player who disassembly often the bolt of their TAC-41, typically for storage in a rigid case, but also for technician who enjoy good tools.

Stainless steel CNC construction, M4 thread, including a black Vauban bolt knob (SBA-BKB-09). This tool can accept any bolt knob in our catalog as handle.


Compatible with:


– SBA-BKB-01 – Tactical bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-02 – Match bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-03 – Operator bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-04 – Bakelite bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-05 – Lightweight bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-06 – Carbon bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-07 – Grip bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-08 – Twisted bolt knob

– SBA-BKB-09 – Vauban bolt knob